ssficonPlant biomass decomposition microbiomes
We study and manipulate microbial communities from soil and compost for plant biomass
decomposition for biofuel production.   …Read more

emulsioniconBiofuels production from microalgae: production, storage, and delivery

We study approaches to cultivate microalgae for treatment of wastewater and accumulation of compounds for biofuel production.  …Read more

We develop analytical techniques for the study of algal cell walls, starch and lipid for biofuel production. …Read more

We investigate emulsion-based formulation strategies to permit long-term storage of microalgae
inocula for delivery to growers.   …Read more

solarizationiconSoil solarization

We research methods to inactivate weed seeds and pathogens in soil through passive
solar heating.  …Read more

plantbioiconPlant bioreactors

We develop techniques for producing high-value compounds in plant cells.   …Read more




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