Plant Biomass Decomposition Microbiomes

biomasssideMicrobial communities from natural environments represent an untapped source of enzymes and metabolic pathways for plant biomass conversion to industrial products. In our research we study and manipulate communities from … Continue reading

Biofuels Production from Microalgae: Production, Storage, and Delivery


Biofuels Production from Microalgae: Production, Storage, and DeliveryMicroalgae have remarkable potential for producing biofuels and bioproducts, capturing CO2, and treating wastewater.  We study approaches to cultivate microalgae for treatment of wastewater … Continue reading

Soil Solarization

solarizationsideSolarization is a method to inactivate soil pathogens and weed seeds through passive solar heating of field soil. The technique involves covering moist soil with clear plastic tarp during … Continue reading

Plant Bioreactors

plantbiosideAgrobacterium tumefaciens is a plant pathogen that transfers genetic material from itself to plants as part of its natural infection cycle. This natural ability to transfrom plants has been used as the … Continue reading

Microalgae Analytical Methods

There are components of microalgae, in particular their polysaccharides and lipids, that are poorly characterized and utilized.   Analytical techniques have been developed to examine lipid, starch and cell wall carbohydrates. These methods have enabled discoveries on the impact of cultivation methods on flocculation of algae, cell wall lysis, and quality … Continue reading

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