Plant Bioreactors

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Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a plant pathogen that transfers genetic material from itself to plants as part of its natural infection cycle. This natural ability to transfrom plants has … Continue reading

Soil Solarization

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Solarization is a method to inactivate soil pathogens and weed seeds through passive solar heating of field soil. The technique involves covering moist soil with clear plastic … Continue reading

High-Solids Biological Deconstruction of Lignocellulose and Solid-State Fermentation

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Microbial communities from natural environments represent an untapped source of enzymes and metabolic pathways for lignocellulose conversion to industrial products. In our research we study and manipulate … Continue reading

Microalgae Analytical Methods

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Microalgae have remarkable potential for producing biofuels and bioproducts, sequestering CO2, and treating wastewater. Until recently, these features have been considered independent from one another … Continue reading

Biofuels Production from Microalgae: Production, Storage, and Delivery

Biofuels Production from Microalgae: Production, Storage, and Delivery